About Us

Finest Quality for Fina Taste

Fina Foods was first developed in 1918. It’s still made to the same traditional, home-style recipe. Our renowned mayonnaise products contain simple, natural ingredients including whole cage-free eggs, Vinegar, spices and oils.

We provide a delicious flavour with a rich, creamy texture and the great taste you love. It’s delicious on sandwiches, in salads and in other food creations. Fina Foods deliver superior performance and high-quality texture, taste and presentation – every service, every time.

We are dedicated to using traditional and superior quality ingredients in all our products.

When choosing a light mayonnaise is not an excuse to serve anything else than great taste and big flavour. Delicious, double-whisked Fina mayo – for when nothing but that flavour will do.

Environment Safe

Fina Foods is committed to keep providing sustainable environmental solutions and is continually looking for opportunities to improve.

  • Use of cartons containing recycled material.
  • Use of water-saving devices and monitor water use.
  • Recycle paper, cardboard and metals.
  • We are committed to waste reduction.

Our Community

Finafoods currently supports various charities, such as Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Labelling & Artwork Solutions

FinaFoods interacts between the customer, designers and printers to provide seamless and easy artwork and labelling solutions. Depending on the customer’s requirements Fina Foods offers branded, co-branded or generic options available.

Supply Chain

It is our belief that through integrated and orgainised interations through our supply chain that management can provide our customers with superior quality products and exceptional service. To us this means building long term relationships with our many suppliers and customers.